Friends of Leeman Park

Here you will find old news articles, to give you an idea of how Friends of Leeman Park first formed.

Your Community Needs You!
(3rd August 2014)

(4th August 2014)

First volunteering evening
(5th August 2014)

Second day success
(6th August 2014)

Back Park tidied
(14th August 2014)

Working on the weeds
(27th August 2014)

Payback paint the wall
(3rd September 2014)

Tansy conservation
(4th September 2014)

Tree bases smartened
(5th September 2014)

Path rediscovered
(18th September 2014)

Benches - river view restored
(18th September 2014)

Building relationships
(19th September 2014)

Victoria Park fit for play
(20th September 2014)

Cycle Path, 20% extra freed!
(23rd September 2014)

York Tree Wardens free trees
(24th September 2014)

Path Progress
(28th September 2014)

Nature reserve created
(10th October 2014)

Two pieces of great news!
(11th October 2014)

More Graffiti Gone
(12th October 2014)

Royal Mail alley cleared
(20th October 2014)

Autumn Leaves
(21st October 2014)

Phase 2 Begins
(28th October 2014)

We Celebrate Three Months
(13th November 2014)

Volunteering article in York Press
(14th November 2014)

Plant and Paint Weekend
(16th November 2014)

Thank you! Successful weekend
(23rd November 2014)

Nature Reserve Hedge Planting
(29th January 2015)

Hedge round the edge
(7th February 2015)

Charity Barbecue Success
(29th July 2015)

Thank You Aviva
(25th August 2015)

Tansy Planting
(26th August 2015)

Big Blast
(26th October 2015)

Big Blast achievements
(1st November 2015)

Thank you Seven Kings Mosque
(9th February 2016)

Building Street Planters
(3rd May 2016)

Small details
(4th September 2016)
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