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First volunteering evening

Posted: 5th August 2014

Four of our band of fifteen volunteers met this evening for the first event. We tidied the edges, cut back overhanging bush and tidied round the trees at the top end of Cinder Lane nearest Jubilee Terrace.

A rough calculation, we think we cleared about 40m of the path, with four people over an hour and a half, so at the current rate, it's going to take us about ten more similar sessions to do the whole path, and we've Back Park to do too! Fortunately, our next five volunteers are lined up to do their part tomorrow, so we're going to take it a step at a time. Many hands make light work, so more volunteers welcome!

We were really vpleased by the number of people who stopped to talk to us and thank us for what we are doing, and we felt very proud of our first achievement. We finished off our evening with a well earned cool pint at the Jubilee.

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