Friends of Leeman Park

Edible York is a network of groups who have set up community allotments across York. Friends of Leeman Park built our own Edible York allotment in Back Park in 2015, and each year we've grown veg and herbs for everyone in our neighbourhood to help themselves to.

Our usual arrangement changed in 2020 with the lockdown, which stopped us from planting out in the Spring as usual, but a few people asked if they could just plant their own things in the planters, which of course was fine. This has led us to suggest a new approach for 2021. With twelve 'sections' available, we're looking for between six and twelve people who might like to take on one or two sections each to form mini-allotments. We can then collaborate to source seeds and seedlings, share tools, look after each others plots, and share produce, and hopefully learn from each other. Naturally, we will be doing this in a Covid-safe way, depending on how things go in 2021. Join us if you'd like to participate.

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