Our Vision

Welcome to the Friends of Leeman Park. We are a group of volunteers started in August 2014 with a vision to smarten and enhance Leeman Park, Back Park and our overall neighbourhood.

Our achievements to date include...

  • Smartening Cinder Lane tree bases, painting the entire 1/3 mile wall and planting bulbs under all the trees
  • Creating a nature reserve at the end of Balfour Street
  • Creating a community orchard behind the war memorial
  • Creating an Edible York community allotment in Back Park
  • Many, many small improvements and fixes, graffiti removal, litter picking and general smartening.

... But most importantly we've built an engaged community that is taking the destiny of its neighbourhood in its own hands. Join us!

Small details

Sometimes the smaller details are what makes the biggest difference to make our neighbourhood just that bit better to live in.

Building Street Planters

We have joined up with a church group from St. Michael Le Belfry, who meet regularly at the vicarage in our community. The group approached the Friends of Leeman Park to do a joint community project. We decided to do various initiatives together to brighten up the street-scene, starting with building some planters similar to the one we did at the top of Lincoln Street last year.

The group have also taken away lots of propagators and seeds to bring on hundreds of seedlings to plant out in a few weeks time, so watch this space for a more colourful neighbourhood coming soon!

Thank you Seven Kings Mosque

Over the past week volunteers have come to York from all across the country to help with the big flood clear up, including a group of East London Muslims who have travelled up to York from Seven Kings Mosque to help out across York, including five keen volunteers who have cleared Back Park this afternoon.

Whilst Back Park wasn't flooded directly by river water and the flood defences stood strong, nevertheless some drain back-flow in Back Park had left its mark and the area needed cleaning up to make it safe and clean for children's play again.

Cinder Lane flood debris cleared

As the big clear-up continues across York following the recent floods, residents in our area are counting our blessings that we haven't been too badly impacted compared to others, but we still have our bit to do.

Our volunteers are keen and able, and we've had tales of our regular group members helping out all across York recently. This morning Leeman Park volunteers have cleared the Cinder Lane footpath and cycle path of flood debris which has been left behind.

Big Blast achievements

This weekend we had a good show of volunteers for an extra push to prepare Cinder Lane for winter. We had a dozen volunteers out on Saturday, and followed up on Sunday morning. Lots of passers-by gave thanks for the difference we made.

Big Blast

On Saturday 31st October and Sunday 1st November (from 10am) we are going to have a concerted effort to smarten Cinder Lane ahead of Winter setting in.

We are hoping for a strong showing of volunteers, old and new. Many hands make light work! Join in and meet the people of your community.

We would value your views on where we should be directing our effort, plus also we'd like to know when people are likely to turn up, so please complete this short survey ahead of the weekend.

Holgate Community Celebration success

The Holgate ward is rich in community groups, all doing great things. When Jane and Tina from the Poppy Road Poppy Project proposed a joint celebration event, we knew we had to join in.

Tansy Planting

Many of our group are aware that we are mindful of the Tansy plant when we are out weeding, in order to help with the Tansy beetle conservation

Sophie Badrick is appointed b Buglife as a local Tansy Beetle conservation officer, and she brought along 128 Tansy seedlings for us to plant out. We also cleared competing plants from the vicinity of existing Tansy plants that have established themselves in Leeman Park.

Thank You Aviva

A fabulous group of corporate volunteers from Aviva came along to Back Park to enhance our Edible York raised beds with bark chip borders. This was much needed to help to keep the area tidy and easier for the council to mow.

Everyone dug in and got the job done in an afternoon. As a bonus an extra edge was also fitted to the strawberry patch area to prevent the bark chip from rolling down the slope and on the path.

Many thanks go to the Aviva colleagues for their hard work, Jenny from the council for facilitating, and to York Cares for matching us up.

Charity Barbecue Success

On Saturday 11th July we hosted a double-event in Back Park.

Firstly, across York all the Edible York gardens were hosting an open day and naturally we were keen to show off our newly created community allotment in Back Park, as well as the community orchard that we created behind the War Memorial.

Secondly, we hosted a charity barbecue in aid of Cancer Research. This was a part of a national fund-raiser for Cancer Research and barbecues were held all over the country that day to say "Burger Off" to cancer.


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