Friends of Leeman Park

The Friends of Leeman Park have negotiated to retain a small area of the park as a nature reserve following the conclusion of the flood defence work. This was with kind co-operation from York Council, The Environment Agency and Balfour Beatty, who agreed to allow us to retain a short section of the temporary fencing to create a boundary that will keep the nature reserve a no-mow area going forward. We have then planted native hedging along the boundary, and once it's suitably established we will remove the wire mesh fencing (probably after a few years).

There is a dedicated sub-group of members from the Friends of Leeman Park who are full of ideas to help the area thrive with wildlife. A bio-diversity study is being conducted and plans are being drawn up on how to encourage the area to develop, although naturally much of the work will be left to mother nature to decide! One of the main benefits of the site is that it is behind the flood defence, so in the event that the park floods there should hopefully be less of an impact on the wildlife by providing a safe haven.

The reserve is intentionally open for all to enjoy and respectfully observe wildlife, and can be found at the top of Balfour Street and Stephenson Way (from the Jubilee pub just follow Balfour Street down to the park). We hope that the nature reserve compliments the existing wildlife by providing just that bit of extra habitat in the area. Please join us if you would like to get involved.

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