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New Seat, Thanks John Boddy Timber

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The picnic bench has only been half usable for some time, since it has been missing its seat from one side. As part of our Holgate Ward funding bid (which mainly was to fund the Spring bulbs for the Paint and Plant weekend), we secured funding for some repairs, including to replace the seat.

We sourced a suitable piece of hardwood from John Boddy Timber in Boroughbridge, and when they heard about the good work we are doing in our community they have donated the wood to us free of charge.

The seat was fitted this weekend. With the funding we have saved thanks to John Boddy Timber, we should also be able to add to the paving at the base so it's not so muddy to use, and perhaps add some planting around it in the Spring.

Also this weekend about half a dozen volunteers got active in the crisp weather to clear a phenomenal amount of leaves from Back Park.