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Working on the weeds

Posted: 27th August 2014

The group have now turned our attention to the weeds down Cinder Lane. At about half a mile long, it's slow but sure progress. We're simply starting at one end and making our way to the other. We also plan to re-find the path/grass edge just like we did at Back Pack, as well as tidying the long grass and weeds around the trees where the council mowers can't reach. It's just a case of making progress one step at a time!

We are growing quite strong now in numbers, so there's plenty of opportunity to meet people from our local community and chip in whatever amount of effort you're willing to contribute, without anyone needing to feel burdened. It's very encouraging to see how much we have grown in just four weeks, and so it feels like we are close to 'phase 2' where we will form a non-profit organisation so that we can apply for grants and fundraise for materials, such that we can perform more improvements.

Since our work last night the council have done a mow, but some of the grass clippings are on the cycle path. Rest assured, we will be on the job to clear it up! We are also intending to keep the path free from rotting leaves this autumn and salting this winter. We have also also cleared some areas where overhanging branches were forcing pedestrians to have to step over to the cycle lane. Hopefully these small differences will make your route in and out of town much more pleasant and safe.

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