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Hedge round the edge

Posted: 7th February 2015

We have had yet another phenomenal response from volunteers in the community, with 28 people turning up to our hedge planting event today. 350 saplings were planted round the edge of the nature reserve, and we had the whole job done in just two hours. Many hands make light work!

The boundary of the nature reserve is formed from the wire mesh fence that we negotiated to be left behind when the flood defence works was disbanded. The fence provides a helpful boundary to give nature a chance to take over the area. Our plan has always been that this fence would only be the boundary until a native hedge can get established, which will probably take about five years.

We are very grateful to Ian Johnson at Groundwork for the help and for providing the saplings. Groundwork are a national charity building stronger communities by improving green space, so absolutely aligned to our aims. Groundwork are in turn supported by Betty's Tea Rooms.

The only slight downside to completing the work so quickly is that we publicised for the volunteering to continue on Sunday morning, but it's all done! Apologies to anyone who was going to dig in tomorrow.

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