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Big Blast achievements

Posted: 1st November 2015

This weekend we had a good show of volunteers for an extra push to prepare Cinder Lane for winter. We had a dozen volunteers out on Saturday, and followed up on Sunday morning. Lots of passers-by gave thanks for the difference we made.

Our main focus was on leaves and overhanging branches. The leaves can get very slippy for cyclists and pedestrians if left to rot, especially when the icy weather sets in (we will be salting the path too). The overhanging branches cause pedestrians to have to step over to the cycle lane, plus they shadow much of the path from the lights making the lighting on the path ineffective.

We also did some weed clearance but unfortunately didn't get time to remove graffiti but we will follow up with that another time. We can always make use of more help so if you like the difference we are making, please don't assume we are coping fine without your help... We always can gratefully take more help.

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