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Plant and Paint Weekend

Posted: 16th November 2014

Our first BIG event - we are looking to get dozens of people to come along to paint the concrete wall along Cinder Lane and to plant Spring flowering bulbs under the trees that we've cleared of weeds over the past couple of months.

Network Rail have very kindly provided almost £1000 worth of paint so that we can smarten up the concrete wall, top to bottom, edge to edge, rather than the ad-hoc patches that have covered graffiti in the past. Furthermore, through Holgate Ward funding, York Council are providing 4000 bulbs for us to line the path with Spring flowers. We are getting late in the planting season for the bulbs so they need to be planted as soon as possible. Hence we're having a big event to blast through all this work in just one weekend.

On the principle that many hands make light work, we would like as many people from our community to join in as possible. All help is valued, whether you turn up all day or just for a short while. Bring friends, family, neighbours and simply anyone who is willing to do their bit.

To join in, simply turn up at any time that suits you between 10am and 4pm on Saturday 22nd November or Sunday 23rd November. There will be a limited supply of brushes, rollers and trowels, so it would be helpful if you can try to bring your own to prevent us from running out and keep the volunteering flowing.

Given that we can't predict how many people will turn up, we might finish earlier on Sunday if everything is done, and also given that we can't control the weather, we might have to be flexible with the timing of activity on the weekend. You can check our website or call on 01904 393531 for an update.

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