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Our vision will evolve over time, but to structure our planned activities, we have set out with a three phase approach.

Phase 1: Simple and Unfunded
This is our starting position, where we are simply acting as a group of volunteers and performing improvements that we can do with just a little effort and imagination. We have received excellent support from York Council in order to make this stage possible, including providing tools and equipment, and covering us for public liability insurance under the council's 'Friends of Parks' scheme.

Phase 2: Organised and constituted with modest funding
As soon as we have proved ourselves as an effective group, the advice given is to form a non-profit organisation such that we can be recognised as a group of people. This allows us to apply for funding and grants as a recognised group, and formalises our scope and objectives. This will enable us to do further improvements that may require some materials or interaction with further stakeholders.

Phase 3: Adventurous
If we grow, we may eventually be able to really make our changes exceptional and make some amazing changes. Let your imagination run wild and let us know what you'd like to see in the area.