Our Vision

Welcome to the Friends of Leeman Park. We are a group of volunteers started in August 2014 with a vision to smarten and enhance Leeman Park, Back Park and our overall neighbourhood.

Our achievements to date include...

  • Smartening Cinder Lane tree bases, painting the entire 1/3 mile wall and planting bulbs under all the trees
  • Creating a nature reserve at the end of Balfour Street
  • Creating a community orchard behind the war memorial
  • Creating an Edible York community allotment in Back Park
  • Many, many small improvements and fixes, graffiti removal, litter picking and general smartening.

... But most importantly we've built an engaged community that is taking the destiny of its neighbourhood in its own hands. Join us!

Payback paint the wall

On Monday a group from "Payback" community service have been and painted over some of the graffiti on the wall (which has saved our volunteers a job!). We are very grateful for this great work, and is certainly a step in the right direction for the wall, although much more still to do.

An interview with Vale Radio

The Vale Online logo

Today I was interviewed by Robbie Burns from the Vale Online, York's newest radio station. In the interview I explained what our group is all about, how it started, how it was so easy to set up, and how overwhelming it has been to get so many volunteers together already in just the first month.

The interview has been aired twice today, and is you can listen to it now on their 'Catch up' webpage.

Working on the weeds

Cinder Lane weed clearance

The group have now turned our attention to the weeds down Cinder Lane. At about half a mile long, it's slow but sure progress. We're simply starting at one end and making our way to the other. We also plan to re-find the path/grass edge just like we did at Back Pack, as well as tidying the long grass and weeds around the trees where the council mowers can't reach. It's just a case of making progress one step at a time!

Back Park tidied

Back Parks after a tidy up

In our second week of volunteering activity we decided to target our efforts towards Back Park so that it is smartened up in time for the forthcoming community barbeque.

The path and park edges have been re-found and a general clear up of all the gulleys, tree bases etc. has left it looking smart again. We've also recruited a few more volunteers who saw us working and asked to join in.

Next week we plan to continue working our way down Cinder Lane.

Second day success

On our second day of volunteering we had seven volunteers, plus one 'junior' daughter of a volunteer providing entertainment and a helping hand. We we also helped by Jenny from the Smarter York scheme at York Council. We continued our work on Cinder Lane, this time taking the maintenance further up the path as far as St Barnabas Church.

Next week we will continue by progressing with Back Park, since there is due to be a community barbecue on the park the subsequent week, so we think it would be best to make our mark before the celebrations rather than after!

First volunteering evening

Four of our band of fifteen volunteers met this evening for the first event. We tidied the edges, cut back overhanging bush and tidied round the trees at the top end of Cinder Lane nearest Jubilee Terrace.

Your Community Needs You!

You can be part of a brand new group with a vision to smarten up Cinder Lane, the park area south of the Ouse between Scarborough Rail Bridge and Clifton Bridge, Back Park, and surrounding community.

Volunteers have been stepping forward over the past few weeks, and fifteen people have now stepped forward to be involved. We have shared initial ideas and we started work on Monday 4th August.


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