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Meeting new volunteers

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Following the survey that went round our neighbourhood from York Council, I've received the contact details for quite a lot of new volunteers, which is great!

In order to make sure everyone gets an appropriate introduction to the group, as well as to cover a few induction points and also to share ideas and views, new volunteers are being asked to meet us at one of the following opportunities...

- Saturday 13th September, 10am : New members induction, chat and walk-about. Meet on the street in front of St Barnabas church, and we'll talk through everything and have a walk down to the park to discuss ideas.
- Sunday 14th September 5pm : Repeat of the above in case you couldn't make it, same place, same purpose.
- Monday 15th September 6pm. UPDATE: The "Community Conversation" event at Poppleton Road School has been cancelled. However, if you can't make either of the above two induction sessions, simply come along and meet us in action on Monday from 6pm on Cinder Lane.

Please let me know if you are intending on coming to any of the above opportunities to meet.